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The following are articles related to food packaging that we think you will enjoy!

Two Quick “Wow” Factors for your Product Label
Looking to pack a little more punch in the visual appeal of your retail product? Discuss these quick options with your professional label printing company.
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Food and Packaging Safety Inspection – Do You Need One?
If your food and packaging company has recently implemented a food and safety program, or it hasn’t undergone an audit, consider an inspection.
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The FDA and Food Label Adhesives: 3 ways to Ensure Compliance
Need help understanding how to achieve compliance with your food packaging and labeling adhesives? Here are three ways to do it.
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Increasing Brand Retention on Food Labels
With all the choices that consumers have, especially in food, brand retention is paramount. You want to stay in the back of your customers’ minds, and you want to be instantly recognizable on the shelves. More Info>>>

How to Get a Barcode for your Food Label
If you sell your food product in a store, it needs a barcode. How do you go about getting one, what does it cost, and what are the requirements? More Info>>>

Reassuring Consumers With Food Labels for Safety
There have been numerous changes in varying food labels and packaging over the last few years. The reason for these changes is consumer well being. More Info>>>

Food Label Design: 3 Ways to Make your Product Appear Healthier
You want your health food product to look the part. Here are three things to consider when making a label that will stand out to the consumer. More Info>>

Personalizing Food Labels and Packaging
The more personalized a shopping experience feels to a consumer, the more loyally he or she will buy a brand. Thanks to companies like Google and Facebook, this has never been more true than today... More Info>>

Proper Beverage Labeling
The beverage industry has never been bigger or more competitive than it is today. The number of available drink types continues to grow, so companies heavily depend on labels to grab consumers’ attention. More Info>>

Food Packaging Label Requirements: Information and Placement
Designing your food package label is fun and exciting, but there are some key elements that don’t have room for creativity. Certain information must be clearly displayed on each product. More Info>>

The Most Common Mistakes in Food Label Design
If you’re making your own food product label design, make sure you avoid the most common amateur mistakes. More Info>>