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Food Packaging Labels –from adhesive label company

Adhesive Label Inc. manufactures and distributes food packaging labeling, custom retail scale labels and merchandising labels for all of your packaging needs. Labeling bakery, candy, deli, cheese, meat, fish and other seafood, poultry, produce, prepared foods, and other food packages. We print Antonson, Berkel, Bizerba, CAS, DIGI, Exact Equipment, Global, Hobart, Ishida, K-Tron, Kubota, TEC, Toledo, TOR-REY and Weldotron scale labels. Providing expert labeling solutions since 1965. Restock now.


Since 1965, Adhesive Label Company has been devoted to providing the best service, product and price for our customers. Our niche in the Grocery, Food Processing and Bakery areas has given us a competitive edge that is unmatched. Our Scale Label sector has been our fastest growing area of late. We have spent years perfecting our product and are now in an excellent position to expand. We hope that you will consider giving us a call and talking to one of our customer service representatives.

Return Policy

We guarantee our labels to run through your machine or your money back. Some scales however, may need a certified technician to adjust the sensor if you are using a brown kraft liner on your labels. We will not refund your money if the labels are damaged due to "Acts Of God".


We use material that meets or exceeds the manufactures recommended specs. We only use new material for all scale labels.

Custom Labels

We can print custom logos on any label that you are using. Quantities on custom orders on scale labels vary on machine. Please call us for help anytime.