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Food Label Design: 3 Ways to Make your Product Appear Healthier

You want your health food product to look the part. Here are three things to consider when making a label that will stand out to the consumer.

Consumers are more conscientious about what they put in their bodies today than ever before. They want products that are both light in calories and free of additives. People are choosing foods that are free of things like meat and gluten as well as GMOs. If your product appeals to any of these health-conscious preferences, the label needs to convey that as well. If the label “feels” healthy, consumers are more likely to buy it.

How do you make a label appear to be smart or healthy? Try these three tips:
  1. Use negative space.
    If you use negative space properly, it is a simple and effective way to convey a more natural product. If the label isn’t cluttered with information, people assume the product isn’t cluttered with preservatives and artificial ingredients. A simpler label means a simpler product. Be careful not to over-utilize negative space, though. If the label is too sparse, people will think it is unfinished or unprofessional.
  2. Be smarter about your word choice.
    Terms like “fresh” and “all-natural” don’t carry the same weight as they used to. There is no FDA standard definition for the term “natural,” and people are becoming more educated on this. They are choosing food more carefully, especially when they don’t buy organic but still want quality products. What that means for you is to be more descriptive in your wording. Put an image in the consumers’ minds that your product was crafted with their safety in mind. For example, instead of saying your orange juice is “natural,” write that it is “hand-squeezed.” Tomatoes in your pasta sauce might be “hand-picked.” Convey an image that suggests humans handled the product, not machines.
  3. Think about the label background.
    Whether it’s the color, pattern, or material itself, consider what the label looks like without images or text. If you’re selling jam, you might have a label with a wood grain look to convey that the fruit is fresh from the orchard. You can create textures with colors, as well. Just remember not to make the pattern too busy – you still want to work that negative space.

The health-conscious consumer demands more from a product than claims of being healthy. The product needs to look the part. Check your label against our three tips to see if you can make it look more appealing. For your label printing needs, trust Adhesive Label. We have over 30 years of experience in expert label printing and customer satisfaction. With a reputation for quality, innovation, and value, we can easily handle all of your label needs no matter your market. Let us take care of your brand today.