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Increasing Brand Retention on Food Labels

With all the choices that consumers have, especially in food, brand retention is paramount. You want to stay in the back of your customers’ minds, and you want to be instantly recognizable on the shelves. The better you are at brand retention, the easier it will be for you to sell new products as well as current ones.
Your product label is one of the many places your logo is front and center. This logo holds the power to connect people to your company, so it is ever important to make sure that it is used appropriately.
  1. Keep it simple. Our memories are only so sophisticated, especially when we see things in passing. If you keep your logo relatively simple, it will be easier to recall. Using common shapes will help remind consumers of your products when they encounter these shapes in their everyday lives. Yes, you want to stand out, but don’t make it too difficult. On a food label, make sure eyes are drawn to the logo.
  2. Repeat your colors. Whatever you choose to incorporate in your logo, bring that out in everything else. It won’t always make sense to use the exact same colors on your food label as you do in your logo. However, use the same palette and themes.
  3. Repeat your font. Again, you’re probably going to use more than one font on your label, but make sure a prominent one matches the font in your logo. Any way you can be consistent in your aesthetics will help your brand retention.
Your label manufacturer can help you present your brand in the best way for your product. The material and adhesive that is right for your product will depend on the kind of food it is and the environment it is kept in. An experienced label manufacturer will be able to assess your needs and recommend the appropriate label options for you.
For an unmatched competitive edge in your food labels, use Adhesive Label Company.  We’ve been devoted to delivering the best price, service, and products to our customers for 50 years. We would be happy to take care of your brand: 800-542-0016.