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There's no question that different colors conjure different emotions. The same room painted two different colors gives the space two completely different feels. The same is true when it comes to product packaging and labeling. Certain colors are sure to suggest specific traits and qualities about products and companies. This is no different when it comes to food. Here is a quick breakdown of basic colors and what they say about your food product.

Red. Frequently red is used to indicate that food is hot or spicy. We've all seen the red peppers on a menu denoting a dish's level of heat. This color is also commonly used with ingredients that are red, like tomatoes or cherries. Interestingly, studies show that red labels are typically found on unhealthy foods - so much so that food and health experts warn against the consumption of a lot of red-labeled food items.

Orange. Orange does a couple of wonderful things. First, it gives the impression that the food is appetizing, usually in a sweet and satisfying way. Second, it actually triggers the appetite. A lot of restaurants leverage this by using orange on their menus and/or decor.

Gold. This denotes high-class, premier products, even in food. They typically don the most expensive foods on the market. This color is most appropriate if you use premium ingredients. If not, you will fall short of your consumers' expectations.

Green. This has definitely become the color most associated with healthy options. Whether it is because of nutritional value, organic quality, gluten free, or fresh, green is a color that instantly tells people, "I'm good for you!"

Light pink. This is the color of desserts, and often it suggests high quality desserts. Candies, cupcakes, pastries, milkshakes, macaroons, and other dessert beverages all wear pink very well.

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