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Food and Packaging Safety Inspection – Do You Need One?

Food safety inspections are different from food audits in a number of ways. Most importantly, audits are independent, yet for the benefit of the client and auditing firm. Expert food and packaging safety inspectors are hired to support the facility with a food safety program that is due for an audit.

The primary objective of a food safety inspector is to help his or her clients prepare for that third-party audit. There are a lot of benefits to having such an expert work with you. Following the analysis, the consultant will not only present findings and a report, but also go over compliance, deviation from expectations, and best practices with you.

One of the most advantageous aspects of working with a consultant is that he or she will ensure you don’t have any confusion or misunderstanding about what is expected. As Gary Kestenbaum writes in “Guidance for food and packaging safety and evaluation” in Packaging Digest:

“For example, in the case of packaging conversion, the consulting expert may ask the client to explain how the parts collected for sale are free from physical and chemical contamination occurring within the process. In the event that the consulting expert believes that the client has not adequately provided credible evidence that the parts are protected from contamination, he or she will explain how and why that omission will negatively impact the 3rd party audit.“

Along with the expertise of knowing the expectations an auditor has, the consultant has valuable experience he or she can share. Personal stories are extremely helpful for anyone facing an audit, especially a first audit. It’s the easiest way to understand exactly how in-depth certain lines of questioning or investigating will be.

Ultimately, if you have never been audited or if you have failed an audit, hiring a food safety inspector is a smart move. You don’t want to fail your audit, and this person is there to help ensure you pass.

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