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Two Quick ?Wow? Factors for your Product Label

Looking to pack a little more punch in the visual appeal of your retail product? Discuss these quick options with your professional label printing company.

If your product is displayed on a shelf, you want it to stand out. You want anyone who walks down that aisle to spot your product immediately and absolutely have to pick it up. Nothing attracts more attention than a great label. Even the best designs on packaging and labels can blend in on the shelves, though. If you already have a label designed, and you don?t want to go through the cost or effort of redoing it, how can you make your label pop? What can you do to give a label that "wow" factor without hiring a whole new design team?

This is where your label printing company will be able to help you. There are numerous ways they can help give your label some extra "oomph" before it goes on the product. Here are two:

Lamination. Seems pretty simple, right? Perhaps this even seems unnecessary today considering how many labels we see without lamination. However, it does a lot for the overall appeal of your label. It's a glossy, scratch-resistant finish that draws the eye, conveys quality, and makes your ink colors pop. Laminated labels can also withstand a lot of jostling and rubbing during the shipping and stocking process. If a label is torn, shredded, or smudged, it has lost most of its aesthetic appeal.

Fluorescent Inks. This does change the design, but it shouldn't be a major change. If you print some of your key selling points in a bright, fluorescent color, it will jump off the label when a consumer reads it. These colors shouldn't be used excessively, but they are very effective at catching the eye. It's a great way to call attention to your product.

Ever hear someone joke that they were distracted by a shiny object? Well, shiny objects really do get more attention, especially in retail. These two ideas fall under the "make it shiny" strategy, and they work.

Above all else, you do need to ensure that you use the right material and adhesive for your label based on the environment it will be exposed to. This will keep your label sharper for longer. Ace-Adhesive Label company has the expertise you need to match the right materials with your product. We work with you to give you the absolute best label to advertise your product. Call us at 800-542-0016 or fill out our contact form.