Graphic Design

In order to provide assistance meeting your label requirements, we would like to know:

  • What is the intended market segment application?
  • What is the product or package which requires labeling, including dimensional and shape considerations which could impact the label design?
  • What is the temperature at which the label will be applied?
  • What is the exposure temperature range that product will be exposed to in the application?
  • Will there be any additional printing done at the time of label application?
  • What are the Pantone spot colors (we are capable of doing fluorescent and metallic) or is this a 4-color process design?
  • What is the print direction?
  • How large is the area diameter where the finished labels will be applied?
  • What are product’s contents and any other application requirements which may affect the label’s appearance or performance, i.e., label graphics, base material, adhesive, coatings, and shape?

It is also desirable to have a sample of your actual product and/or package.

Artwork Support

We have a large artwork and die tooling library which can be used for new as well as existing label designs.

For new custom artwork, we request that a color proof be provided to us or a sample of an existing product. Macintosh (Mac) computers are used for most of our artwork design. However, we are able to handle files created on other systems.

Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop is a common software application. However, we support most standard graphics software applications, such as: InDesign, illustrator, and properly formatted PDF files for submission. Check with us if you have a question about your artwork format.

If you do not have a compatible application for generating the software, then the artwork will have to be recreated for a charge.

Adhesive Label Design Services

Adhesive Label design services to develop your custom printed label design, usually range from $150 to $500 per design. You will retain ownership of design. For typical designs, our design service rate is $75 per hour.