Adhesive Label product packaging labels and retail merchandising labels promote sales by differentiating your products from competition and attracting customers’ attention.

Food and beverage labels include standard labels as well as unique custom printed labels for applications, such as; Meat, Bakery and Deli package labeling, Coffee, Snacks, Condiments, Wine, Bottled Drinks, Liquors, Pet’s Food, Toys & Snacks.

Adhesive Label works closely with customers to create appealing attractive food and beverage labels, while also meeting use requirements, such as: freezing, refrigeration, microwaving and storage conditions.

We are working hard to update our website and improve the purchasing of our stock products. If you don’t find the product you are looking for contact our customer service team directly via our contact form  or via telephone.

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Angel Food




Supreme Lean Ground Beef 95/5


Office & School Products

Office & School Products

Adhesive Label supplies quality label products for office and school. Products are available in popular formats & sizes and come with high quality acrylic adhesives.

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12-Up Audio Cassette Sheet


20-Up : 1 x 4 Address Labels


Happy Mother’s Day


Warehouse Labels

Warehouse Labels

Adhesive Label Warehouse Shipping and Handling Labels provide warehouse, shipping and receiving personnel with special shipping and handling instructions. These warehouse shipping and handling labels identify packages, cartons and pallets with accepted international pictorial symbols with bright colors to communicate shipping, handling and warehousing instructions.

Adhesive Label warehouse shipping and handling labels have weather resistant and abrasion resistant graphics compatible with a wide variation in shipping methods.

Our labels have aggressive permanent adhesive and bond to various types of cardboard corrugated boxes, cartons, as well as pallet stretch and shrink-wrap films.

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Dymo 30336 Case of 12 Rolls


Hold Do Not Ship


Do Not Use Blades to Open


Mailing Labels

Mailing Labels

Adhesive Label manufactures a wide range of mailing, shipping and office labels. Our website describes our mailing labels, wafer seals, tab and insert products. We are pleased to provide products that meet the new United States Postal Service (USPS) mailing standards.

Our wafer seals and mailing tabs are used to fasten flyers, newsletters, brochures and self-mailers that comply with the new USPS mailing standard 39 CFR Part 111. These adhesive wafer seals and mailing tabs are cost effective alternatives to staples and won’t damage post office mail handling machines. Wafer seals and mailing tabs seal your mailings while still qualifying for bulk USPS automation-rate discounts. The USPS now requires that wafer seal tabs used to seal booklets must not have perforations. Generally, booklets need three 1-1/2 inch tabs as closures. For larger or heavier booklets, the USPS recommends 2-inch paper tabs. Booklets that do not comply with the new standards will not be eligible for machinable or automation letter prices. The new Mailing Standards were effective in September 2009 covering the construction and sealing of letter-sized booklets mailed at automation, presorted machinable or carrier route letter prices.

Pressure sensitive adhesive wafer seals and mailing tabs are ideal for the letter-size mailers and as well as boxes for retail, cosmetics, gift boxes, etc. All of our seals and tabs can be applied by hand or machine dispensers. Adhesive Label inventories our wafer seals and mailing tabs in popular tab sizes and materials for your various mailing applications. We produce our mailer seals and tabs in white & colored paper, translucent paper, BOPP and Polystyrene film.

With Adhesive Label wafer seals and tabs, you’ll be able to provide attractive mailings that still qualify for bulk mail automated-rate discounts. Our products are sold to large commercial mailers as well as to small independent operators.

If you can’t find the wafer seal or mailing tab that you require, and/or if you have questions about how our product would best meet your needs, please contact us. We can answer your questions about our standard products as well as design custom tabs and seals specifically for your application.

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30-Up 2/3 x 3 7/16 File Folder Label


15-Up VHS Spine Kiss-Cut Label Sheet


4-Up Sheet – Label: 5 x 4


Medical Products

Medical Products

Our team strives to deliver the best durable label materials and adhesives for your application. In addition to providing the right technical solution, contact us to assist you with your medical and pharmaceutical labeling needs.

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Promotional Products

Promotional Products

Check back frequently for our current promotions.

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Grocery Pricing Label -G1131-01 (White/Blue)


Family Pack Save .30 Diamond


Blank 6″ X 9″ Burst Sign Card High Impact


Thermal Products

Thermal Products

UPC labels and Bar Code Labels

Barcode labels provide an easy to use and accurate data entry method. We offer barcode labels that are compliant with various key industry standards.

Adhesive Label barcode labels have high print quality to ensure fast and accurate scanning whether you are using an automated or manual data collection process. We can also print variable data and consecutive numbering in our internal Thermal Print department.

Contact us or call for more information on UPC and Bar Code Labels

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*3.5″ x .5″ Thermal Transfer Label, 1000 labels per roll


1 Across 2″ X 1″ DT LABEL, 4″ OD


30323 DYMO LABELS 2.125 X 4


Barcode & Thermal Printing

Barcode & Thermal Printing

Our options for printing include direct thermal printing of labels in smaller order quantities.

For large runs we have in-line press options that can output high volume.

Let us know the symbol type, label size and specifications, and we will find the right fit for your needs.

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Tan Rectangle


Fl Orange Circle


Fl Green Circle