Artwork Development

Our art design service uses the latest in graphic design equipment. We work together with our customers to develop innovative label designs that meet their graphic and technical requirements. This design process requires creativity and technical knowledge of the application and label system options.

We are able to handle your artwork files electronically. We also work with physical artwork and recreate it on our computer system.

We provide artwork color proofs for your approval of the final label design. The approved artwork is then prepared and separated on our computer system to provide first-generation high-quality artwork negatives. This artwork is then used by our in-house plate making operation, where flexographic press plates are created from the artwork.


Flexographic Plate Making

Plate making is the next step in the process. The label artwork is separated by color into negatives, from which the plates are made. At Adhesive Label we make our plates in-house to control the quality of the plates and the turnaround time for our customers.


Pre-Production Support

In order to ensure that your labels are exactly what you require, we take special care at the pre-production runs. Depending on customer requirements, we run enough pre-production labels for approval before we make the entire production run.

This pre-production approval service is available to our customers to ensure that we fully satisfy all of our customer’s graphic, technical, and quality requirements.


Inspection Service Support

All finished labels are inspected with these quality processes:

Finished labels are inspected in the rolls off the flexographic presses.

Labels are checked on a sample basis to ensure that the registration, die cutting, and other processes have been completed to customer specifications.

Orders are counted and matched to the PO quantity in final inspection.

Our production personnel strive for perfection. With 51 years of quality label production experience, you can count us to meet your high standards.


Factory & Warehousing

Our air-conditioned & humidity control facility is designed to consistently produce high-quality label graphics and performance, regardless of outside weather conditions.

We maintain an inventory of high quality standard materials that allow us to efficiently respond to customer requirements. For large volumes, we are able to work with customers’ rolling forecasts to ensure a consistent flow of product through our entire supply chain.